Dan looked like he had the perfect life. He and his partners had just secured the lucrative sale of their business Salamander Capital, for which they were each to receive £100m. This took the form of an initial pay-out of £2m and the remainder after completing a further year’s work in the company. Dan loved his job and had worked hard from humble beginnings to achieve his success. He also had a wife and two young children he adored. That evening he celebrated with his colleagues and the new business owners in a prestigious rooftop bar, overlooking the City of London. But it only took one simple mistake for his world to come tumbling down around him.

Within a few hours Dan was arrested by the police, locked up in a cell and faced a court appearance. He soon lost all that mattered to him and was destitute. As this was a first offense, he was given a suspended sentence and a community payback order. What he just couldn’t work out was he had ended up in this situation and who had set him up? His view of events was not to be believed and yet there were a number of people who would benefit from his downfall.

This psychological thriller captured my interest within the first few pages. The chapters were short and the pace relatively fast, so it was easy to engage. As the story progressed, so the plot thickened and there are a number of unexpected twists and turns. Nothing was quite as it as it seemed and all of the main characters had their own secrets to keep. I can’t say that I was exactly ‘on the edge of my seat’, but this certainly was an easily readable page turner.

Reviewed by Hilary Whorrall

Publisher: Serpentine Books
ISBN: 978 1 913874 00 1 Published: 14th January 2021