Reviewer: Anna Elliot

Publisher: Wildfire      28th October 2021

ISBN: 978-1472291257        PB

When Jo falls down the stairs she is crushed to realise that she can’t remember anything of the last year. Concussed and confused, Jo suspects her husband Rob is withholding something as he manipulates the information she is told about her past. But that is all to protect her, isn’t it?

Each time Jo tries to recall what has happened, a tantalising snippet of memory is revealed but can Jo trust that these are true? As her past is disclosed, layer by layer, so is the extent of the lies that her relationships are built on. Whilst Jo’s communication with her children is often strained, I loved the caring relationship between Jo and her colleague Rose.

As Jo begins to realise she may not have always been a perfect wife, the intensity builds and the story flits between the past and the present day; drip feeding clues right until the last page.  Reminiscent of Before I Go To Sleep, the final chapters were intense and uncomfortable at times. I loved being on this gripping journey of discovery with Jo.