Capture or Kill is the fantastic debut thriller from former MI5 operative Tom Marcus, who first came to our attention with his autobiographic first book, Soldier Spy. Capture or Kill brings his knowledge of the spy trade into the light for readers to enjoy. This is an excellent piece of thriller writing where you question could MI5 really get away with any of this, or would they be too tied up with red-tape? This is truly a page turner!

Matt Logan is an MI5 officer working on the front line of counter-terrorism operations in the UK. He and his team have been tasked with watching two brothers who have come on to the terrorist watchlist and that is what they are doing. But when the team leader at Thames House requests that Logan’s team pull back, they are likely to lose the brothers.

Having seen terror operations hampered by bureaucracy, Logan and a number of other MI5 operatives are offered the opportunity to be in a dark deniable operations team. Like the terrorists they would have no rules than other than stop at all costs any terrorist that has been targeted as part of their mission. This team would go into action and emotion could not be part of the deal.

When the brothers who they had been watching start an attack at the heart of the British establishment, Logan begins to see the deniable unit kicked into action. Will the Logan be able to stop the attack, or will it be a major embarrassment to the country?

A fantastic thriller that really does live up to the cliché of a real page turner. The insight of Marcus shows throughout the thriller, and that knowledge makes this book so good.

Paul Diggett 5/5

Capture or Kill by Tom Marcus
Pan 9781509863594 pbk Nov 2018