Dr Teagan Ransom is fragile and nursing a broken heart. She has just moved across the country to start a new life and try and forget about her troubles. Very soon she meets her handsome neighbour, the dangerous and gorgeous Garrett Frost, and the instant attraction is obvious. Garrett pursues her relentlessly and Teagan is questioning herself and wondering if she could be heading for a fall. Things are happening so fast.

This is a novella … so things need to move fast! At just over 200 pages there’s really not much I can review without giving much away. I have read Sylvia Day’s ‘Cross’ series (although not all of the books) and I kind of knew to expect some naughtiness and with the two leads being impossibly good looking (‘hot’), fit, rich and with beautiful houses, it did not disappoint! Garrett’s an artist and Teagan’s a cosmetic surgeon. Whether or not I’m several years older now since the last time I read Ms Day’s books or I’m just not feeling it, this book was quite mediocre to me. I liked the characters but it’s hard to get too engaged with them as the book and pages are tiny and you can probably read it in one sitting (although I didn’t).

I took a couple of weeks to read this, which might tell you that I wasn’t flying through it. I thought I’d love it, it would be an easy summer read but nothing much happened. They meet, they eat together, they start a relationship. Neither seem to actually do any work relating to their jobs. The bestie neighbour, Roxy, who is sassy and has Teagan’s best interests at heart, is a strong character but other than her husband, Mike, there are only really four characters in the book.

I had almost given up when I read another review saying there was a huge twist so I was looking forward to it being vamped up a gear. However, unlike other readers, I wasn’t blown away by it and just felt a bit flat at the end of it. I can only give it three stars because I was looking forward to something amazing happening.

If you like an Insta-love story then you’ll probably enjoy this. It promised redemption and hope but something just didn’t gel for me. That’s not to say others won’t love it!

Kirsty MacKenzie 3/3

Butterfly in Frost by Sylvia Day
Montlake Romance 9781542016735 pbk Aug 2019