This useful and insightful book does not tell us a way to live nor is it a step-by-step guide for those who are ageing, but it does provide us with some very interesting information and some useful tips. Breakfast with the Centenarians is about ‘The art of ageing well’, which is the book’s other title, and of course it does provide you with some insights into how you can age well. But, importantly, it also tells you just why continuing to learn new things, for instance, or eating a proper diet actually helps you to age well.

Daniela Mari is an Italian doctor and professor who specialises in geriatrics. She was also the doctor treating Emma Morano who was, at 117, the world oldest living woman until 2017. There is quite a lot of science in the book but do not let that put you off as it is all explained in an easy to understand way and it is also very interesting.

I particularly like the fact that Dr Mari does not lecture the reader or tell us that we should do this and that in order to live a better life at an older age, although she does point out that certain things can be helpful. But rather she explains to us why things like continued learning are important and how a few small lifestyle changes can improve our health and well-being as we age.

So this is not just a book for older people to read it is also useful for us younger ones who still have time to change our habits.

Sara Boorman 4/2

Breakfast with the Centenarians by Daniela Mari
Atlantic Books 9781786494832 pbk Jul 2019