This is a book supposedly about the science of the human body, but it is indeed much more. I was attracted to this title by some of the chapter headings: “What’s it like to be struck by lightning?” “How to fall to your death and live to tell the tale?” (What can I say? As a crime fiction writer, I’m attracted to the morbid).

Reading the book though, it quickly transpires that while the chapters answer the questions posed, they do so in a roundabout way that encompasses the science of the subject they’re examining. Take the chapter “How to fall to your death and live to tell the tale?” This becomes a fascinating examination of balance, how humans walk, what causes someone to fall or trip over, how science and technology are attempting to mitigate falls in the care of the elderly and more.

Each chapter contains a fascinating wealth of information and so answers more than the question it sets out to do. This book is another popular science book that’s well worth a read.

James Pierson 4*

Bodyology by Mosaic Science
Canbury Press 9780995497863 pbk Apr 2018