Review by Paul Diggett

Publisher: Orenda Books   September 2021

ISBN: 978-191319367   PB

Black Reed Bay is the opening salvo in a new detective series from Rod Reynolds, and what an
excellent introduction. Reynolds, already an expert as a crime writer, still gives a gripping narrative
throughout the book, with a nice twisty ending that even I did not see coming.

Reynolds brings the experience of his four previous novels to bear and already has a reputation for
perfectly pitched books. He knows how to keep the reader hooked and draws them in deeper.
While Reynolds drops clues throughout the novel, he makes sure you cannot join the dots so easily, and
that is what makes him a very special writer.

A young woman makes a distressing call in the middle of the night, running for her life from
someone who is about to kill her. At the time she is in an exclusive beachside neighbourhood,
which happens to be miles from her own home. Many saw her but did not see where she went.

With nobody seeing Tina Grace since her disappearance Detective Casey Wray is the lead
investigator alongside her partner Detective Dave Cullen. There seem to many leads that go
nowhere and plenty of suspects but they can find no incriminating evidence. This is a case that is
a puzzle, that tests Wray and the rest of her team at the station house.

One thing is clear, somebody does not want them investigating this crime and is trying to scare Wray
from the case. Unfortunately for the criminals she is not easily put off and will not be happy until
she has solved the case and brought the relevant people to justice. As that is what the Police do.

With many twists and turns and unseen circumstances that throw Wray various ways, she is also
caught in the middle of office politics between her chief and Police Headquarters. She needs to
deal with the noise and keep her focus. Somehow she does keep her focus and she does resolve
everything, but how it ends is a juicy twist.