Review by Paul Diggett
Publisher: Avon  22nd July 2021
ISBN:978-0008383527  PB 

Claire Allan has written a thriller which sets out to examine the closeness, and the closing of  ranks, that happen in some communities. Even when threatened, one person just wants to get to the truth, so that some healing can take place. With plenty of twists and turns, Allan knows how to keep her readers happy and engrossed by  sprinkling a few red herrings throughout the book

Ingrid Devlin is working as an investigative journalist on The Chronicle in her hometown of Derry, when she is asked by her editor to write an anniversary piece, reminding people about the killing of Kelly Doherty in 1994. The  piece will also take Ingrid back to that time, when both she and Kelly lived in the same area and went to the same school, and both were 10 years old.

As Ingrid begins to dig back into the old story, bringing back all the old memories, she meets up with one of the twins who discovered the body. Both try to remember the finer points of the story, dredging up from the depths, forgotten memories. But there are people who do not want the story to be told.

The more Ingrid digs, the more she finds there are parts of the story that have been covered up: for example,  was the person convicted of the murder framed? The deeper she goes the more the questions flow, and the more she becomes a target. Her flat is broken into, and her car vandalised, more than once.  Despite being shaken, she is determined to discover the truth.

When the truth is discovered, will she be able to live her life again? And will she live long enough to see the truth emerge?

This is an excellent thriller that grips the reader from beginning to end, willing Ingrid to ask those awkward questions and get to the truth. It is also a reminder to readers that journalists still do good work, investigating and discovering the truth, even when their lives are threatened.

I cannot recommend this highly enough.