Arkhangel – What is the truth?

James Brabazon has written a thriller that will keep you guessing throughout so much you will be wondering is this a spy thriller or a crime thriller? Only you can decide where you wish to place this as a reader. One thing is you will not be disappointed by the book.

What is the truth? Does Max McLean really exist? Or should the question really be, who is Max McLean? Will all this be solved by the end of the book? These questions are just some of the things that will be going through you mind as you delve into Arkhangel.

Whatever his real name Max is often used for off the books ‘wet’ work that the British government can distance itself from. Does he work for Mi6 or the Director of Special Forces? The only thing that he can remember is that he once joined the British army, under a false name and the rest is history.

Sent to ‘liquidate’ a target in Ireland Max does all his preparation work and then takes the required action, only to find that the target is already dead, with a bag full of $100 and someone is now shooting at him. Throughout the book there is someone different shooting at Max.

Whether he is in Ireland, Paris, Israel or Russia, there are chases that leave you breathless, all in pursuit of a $100 bill that is folded neatly in his pocket. He may want answers but there are plenty of people willing to shoot him and get the dollar bill. As Max crashes his away around Europe being the hunted, he really wants to catch up with Rachel in the hope she can shed light on what is happening to him.

Can he get out of this alive? Does he have any friends left that will not be shooting at him? Max certainly does not know, and nor does the reader until the end.

This really is an excellent thriller done at breath taking speed, with the main character not really sure who is or what he is. With plenty of action from the warmth of Israel to the cold tundra in Russia, one thing is certain, Max needs to keep moving to stay alive.

Arkhangel is what a true thriller should be.

Michael Joseph (20 August 2020)
ISBN: 978-0241349250

Review by Paul Diggett