I grew up when the Beatles were still a band and I probably know way more than most about them although I would not describe myself as a fan. They have just always been there.

I definitely knew the christian names of all of the band when I was very young indeed, much before I could have told you the names of any of the British royal family let alone who the prime minister was. When I was growing up the Beatles were everywhere, all pervasive, even the little local shops in my small town had fascinating articles in the window like Beatle wigs or yellow submarine toys.

I still find it very difficult even in this new century to go a whole day without seeing something or other Beatle-related. It could be an article on the Beatles online or something in a shop or hear them on the radio etc. They are still annoyingly popular and probably rightly so because I don’t think any other band even comes close to having as much influence or fame as the fab four. They even inspired young dissidents in Russia and probably in other countries and regimes too for all I know.

So this superlative band really deserves at least a decent book to celebrate them, but this book is not it.

I found it disappointing to say the least. The book consists of a lot of Ringo’s photos and a small amount of text, though some of the text is quite interesting, did you know Keith Moon liked rhinos?. But mainly the book is rather tedious, take for example a page of tiny pictures of bits of cake and pie at various stages of being eaten arranged on a lot of white background, I don’t care that Mr Starr had apple pie in Cleveland on 17th April 2015 and I can live without seeing a picture of the said piece of pie, tasty though it may have been.

Maybe if the pictures were bigger but they are mainly very small and the majority of each page consists of plain background. In conclusion, I would say that this book is really best suited to mega fans of the Beatles or Ringo.

Sara Boorman 3*

Another Day In The Life by Ringo Starr
Genesis Publications 9781905662586 hbk Oct 2019