This is a gripping book that tells the story of the machinations, politics and scheming following the death of Alexander the Great King of Macedon and the battle to claim the throne and his empire.

The story starts in Babylon in 323 BC at the death bed of Alexander and straightaway the fight for power begins. I have read numerous books about Alexander in the past, both fact and fiction, because I find him such a charismatic and fascinating character. This, however, is the first book that I have read about the power struggle following his untimely death.

I enjoyed reading Alexander’s Legacy immensely and found it to be incredibly well researched, detailed and historically accurate.

As far as ancient history novels go this is one of the very best I have read recently. This is a favourite genre of mine and I am always looking for new books of this type to read, but unfortunately I often find them to be sad and poorly written even to the point of being a bit cringe-worthy but Robert Fabbri has written a very credible story here that is exciting, realistic and informative. I also very much like the fact that he does not try to transfer our modern-day morals to the ancient world.

I am really looking forward to reading the next book in this series, which I hope will be published soon.

Sara Boorman 5/4

Alexander’s Legacy: To the Strongest by Robert Fabbri
Corvus 9781786497963 hbk Jan 2020