NB is a literary magazine and online platform for book lovers, book clubs and all round bibliophiles. In print and online with our editorial content, features and bank of thousands of independent reviews we aid discerning readers with those all-too-difficult book buying decisions.

Our newest version of the website and magazine, NB, has evolved and grown over the eighteen years we’ve been in print, from the original New Books Mag, and represents our full integration of the review site Nudge-Book.com. NB stands for New Books, for Nudge-Book and, finally for nota bene too. Nota bene is a Latin phrase, often truncated to simply NB, meaning take note and has been used as a mark to encourage readers to pay particular attention ever since. NB is, and has always been, here to help you take note of the very best books.


NB Team

Jade Craddock – Managing Editor (NB Magazine)

Martha Collin  – Editorial Assistant & Marketing Executive

Rob Garraway – Designer

Danielle Bowers – Production Manager

Alastair Giles – Publisher & Managing Director

Susy Giles – Accounts Director

Luke Giles – Operations Director

Here at NB we believe strongly in our core values which shape everything we do. They are:

All too often the literary playing field is too narrow. We believe in the importance of platforming those voices too often overlooked.

We are in communication with our community of bibliophiles. We listen to and base our reviews on reader responses. Our readership are often our writers reviewing books and spreading the word of which titles are unmissable. When you finish that book you just can’t stop thinking about and think everyone needs to read we are there to connect you to like-minded readers who will appreciate it. We connect people through books.

Uniquely independent.
We are unbiased and honest. We celebrate and promote the best from the biggest and smallest publishing houses from the UK and beyond.

We are a community of thousands of readers united through our passion and love of books, from literary to non-fiction and everything in-between. We are thoughtful; we engage with what we read.