DCI Eve West leads a police operation that ends with the death of a colleague, who also happens to be her lover. She is suspended while an investigation is carried out and could lose her job.

While on suspension she is contacted by a violent criminal, whom she had caught some years before. That criminal, John Duran, offers her evidence that will clear her name, but it comes with a price tag, he wants her to help a fellow prisoner, who he says is innocent and not guilty of the murder he has been convicted of.

She takes up Sean Farrell’s case and begins to dig around to find out what actually happened and if Farrell really is innocent. Duran also puts her in touch with 4Justice who have been investigating too. As Eve begins to dig deeper going back over the case, she finds some questions from back then have not been answered, like why had the DNA not been tested on the victim. But then Farrell had fallen into the Police’s lap and they stopped asking questions.

As Eve and 4Justice start to dig deeper, their private investigator is murdered, and things start to take a dark turn. When they discover that everything may link up to race fixing things really take a turn for the worse. Eve is kidnapped and threatened with death but manages to escape.

With many twists and turns the truth comes out and at a high cost to the lives of those involved from the beginning of the case. The big question is does Duran get he wanted?

An excellent twisty thriller.

Review by Paul Diggett

Published by Black Thorn; Main edition (6 May 2021)
Paperback, ISBN 978-1786898685