Adam Sharp’s debut book, The Correct Order of Biscuits: And Other Meticulously Assembled Lists of Extremely Valuable Nonsense, seeks to answer that age-old conundrum – just what exactly is the correct order of biscuits (and even more critically is a Jaffa Cake a biscuit?). But the fun and games don’t stop there, as he delves into all manner of subjects, from Mr Men names in different languages to strange things that have sold on eBay, delivered in the best way possible – lists. So what better way to ask Adam about his new book than in lists.

A list to sum up your book for readers 

5. A
4. Compendium
3. Of
2. Sequential
1. Absurdities

Reasons why lists are so compelling 

5. Order
4. Bring
3. Chaos
2. To

The best things about being an author 

5. Working from home
4. Not having to leave the house
3. Isolated existence
2. Don’t have to work with others
1. Yes I’m THAT anti-social

The worst things about being an author 

5. Such
4. A
3. Terribly
2. Lonely
1. Existence

Lists you still want to write 

5. Best
4. Movie
3. Adaptations
2. Of
1. Books (by Adam Sharp)

Your favourite subjects for lists 

5. Old slang
4. Terrible puns
3. Childhood nostalgia
2. International idioms
1.Things that annoy me

What lists you would most like to be included in 

5. Greatest
4. People
3. In
2. History
1. Lists

Five ways you will celebrate the book’s release 

5. Eat biscuits
4.Go into bookshop and lovingly stroke the book
3. Loudly point out the book to all other customers in bookshop
2. Get kicked out of bookshop
1. Go home and eat more biscuits

Things you hope readers get from the book 

5. A greater appreciation of other languages and cultures
4. A greater understanding of why Jaffa Cakes are in fact biscuits
3. Some laughs
2. Some groans
1. Lasting peace

Your plans for future books 

5. Do one more book of lists (maybe two if I can get away with it)
4. Publish my memoir about growing up with heroin-addict parents (an extract of which is in Common People: An Anthology of Working Class Writers)
3. Publish my first novel (set in the 1970s London punk scene)
2. Fix my second novel (if possible – it’s a horrible mess)
1. Write a work of historical fiction set in 19th century US (I’m obsessed with that period and did my first degree on it)

Your top five favourite books of all time 

5. A Spool of Blue Thread by Anne Tyler
4. The Road by Cormac McCarthy
3. The Trick to Time by Kit de Waal
2. Days Without End by Sebastian Barry
1. The Correct Order of Biscuits by me

The greatest lists in history 

5. The World Rock Paper Scissors player responsibility code (an important read)
4. The Ten Commandments (quite good, if a little preachy)
3. Franz Liszt (decent composer)
2. MySpace’s Top 8 friends list (ranking your friends was so wrong, yet so fun)
1. Schindler’s List (saved the lives of around 1,200 people)

Interview by Jade Craddock

ISBN: 9781398701724  Orion Hardback 17/09/2020